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There are three types of Tripitaka of buddha which is as follows:

  1. The Sutta Pitaka: Sutta Pitaka is also known as Buddhavacana that contains more than 10,000 suttas. It gives us the complete information of the Buddha’s teachings recorded mainly as sermons delivered in historical settings. Moreover, it includes the Dhammapada which means the path or verses of truth.
  2. The Vinaya Pitaka: The Vinaya Pitaka is also known as the “basket of discipline” which records the Buddha’s rules of discipline for nuns and monks. Similarly, it contains stories about the first Buddhist monks and nuns and how they lived.
  3. The Abhidhamma Pitaka: Abhidhamma Pitaka is a collection of canonical texts in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Moreover, it is a scholastic analysis and summary of Buddha’s teachings in the suttas. It is also important for the regularly recited at funerals and festivals of Buddhists.