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Three Virtues

Three Virtues

In Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna tells Arjun about three characteristics of human nature. According to these, human behavior is influenced and people perform actions and reactions.
These characteristics are:

  1. Tamas: Tamas arise from inertia, ignorance, anger, confusion, irritation, dependency, self-doubt, boredom. To prevent or to reduce such characteristics, one must not take tamasic foods. In Hinduism, tamasic foods are said to be consumed less.
  2. Sattva: Sattva arise from calmness, harmony, goodness, generosity, intelligence, and wisdom. People owing these characters are always devoted to god, so-called divine qualities. Satvik guna assists us to attain higher wisdom.
  3. Rajas: Rajas arise from passion, activity, movement and enable one to different, variety of forms. The keen Rajas character bears a desire for pleasure. The extreme pleasure and enjoyment seekers owe Rajas character, which may even become violent and try to destroy. They react too fast to situations and create obstacles.