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Three Jewels

Three Jewels

According to the Sanskrit language, the word Triratna means three jewels. In the scriptures of Buddhism, the ideals of the heart of Buddha are known as Triratna. Making the Triratna the central principle of life makes you a devout and true Buddhist.

The three Triratna of Buddhism is given as follows:

  1. The Buddha (The Yellow Jewel): The Buddha studies the historical Buddha and ideologies of Buddhahood. This jewel believes Buddha is the creator of all the forms and schools of Buddhism. Going to the refuge of Buddha means to regard Buddha as a teacher and committing yourself to Buddhahood the enlightenment of all beings. It is believed that the successful Buddhahood leads the people out of suffering.
  2. The Dharma (The Blue Jewel): The Dharma means the teaching of Buddha. It represents enlightened mind- It contains all the teachings Buddha said after his enlightenment from the Sarnath of Northern India to beyond. The Dharma includes all teaching records of Buddha after his enlightenment. It includes works such as The Dhammapada, The Diamond Sutra, and The Tibetan Book of the Dead.
  3. The Sangha (The Red Jewels): The Sangha refers to the spiritual community. The Sangha refers to the person with whom we share our spiritual life. To develop to higher paths we need the help of many teachers and much other support and help of practitioners.

The Sangha follows the philosophy that Buddhism is not just a philosophy; it is a way of approaching life and therefore it only has any meaning when it is embodied in people.