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The Four Goals

The Four Goals

The four goals of humans according to Hinduism are:

  1. Dharma: The dharma includes a person’s duties and the steps that they take. They believe in righteousness and ethical life. Hinduism believe that every person has their own Dharma. Making the moral and right decision makes you have better karma for your next life.
  2. Artha: The word Artha means wealth and prosperity. Hindus believe few people could do without Artha. Humans should acquire wealth in their lives but should not be too attached to it.
  3. Kama: The word the Kama in hindu life means love, pleasure and desire. People acquire kama from activities like including sporting activities and cultural interests, but it is important to note that kama is also derived from sexual pleasure. It is widely accepted that Hindu attempt kama with their partners. It is considered natural instinct and also helps in creating new lives.
  4. Moksha: The word Moksha means salvation. When humans successfully earn Moksha they are free from the cycle of reincarnation. Hindus believe that humans spend their life to earn good karma to free themselves from the cycle of reincarnation.