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Five Element (Panchatatva)

Five Element (Panchatatva)

The world Panchatattwa means 5 elements. According to Hindu mythology, the entire universe is created by Panchatatva. The Panchatatva combine and mix into the different animate and inanimate objects in the universe. They provide beauty and diversity to nature. It is said that any animate or inanimate object that includes the balance of Panchatatva lives the most harmonious life. It is also believed that each object in the universe has its own core embryonic energy.

According to Hindu mythology, human beings are born with all five elements in their bodies. Understanding Panchatatva helps us live a better life. The 5 elements of Panchatatva are:

  1. Earth: The earth signifies discipline and life without arrogance.
    Earth’s magnetic force and gravitational force keeps the earth completely grounded. The earth’s movement around the sun is fully disciplined. If the earth is not disciplined the earth may be in chaos.
  2. Water: Water is the source of life. Every object in the world contains water. Water has different forms like rain, river, lake etc. This has us understand a good quality of water. It accommodates itself in all shapes and sizes.
  3. Fire: Fire is the primitive source of heat and light. Fire is good when controlled but causes havoc if it is misused. The most pristine form of fire is a symbol of purity.
  4. Air: Air is our basic need. It is an important element in life sustenance. Air travel is free from any obstruction to the human body and different forms of life. The unrestrained free air is the symbol of freedom.
  5. Space: Space is the essence of the material world. According to Rigveda, Space is the first form of creation. Space exists everywhere symbolizing universality.