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Asta Matrika

Asta Matrika

The Asta Matrika is a collection of seven or eight goddesses. In the myth of Devi Mahatmya, they appear as aspects of the Great Goddess Durga’s Shakti power, which She calls forth to aid her in the battle against the asuras, demons. The Asta Matrika is known as Goddesses with immense power. These goddesses are appeased with blood sacrifices. The Hindu worship Asta Matrika yantra as Maha Mritunjaya Yantra and the Buddhist worship Asta Matrika as Kaal Vairab.

The eight goddesses of the Asta Matrika are as follows:

  1. Brahmani: Goddess Brahmani is said to be a form of Goddess Saraswati. She is believed as the Shakti of the creator god Brahma in Hinduism. Goddess Brahmani blesses you with
    boons to overcome fears, and thereby get peace of mind.
  2. Vaishnavi: Goddess Vaishnavi is believed as the Shakti of the God Shree Vishnu. Blessing of Goddess Vaishnavi bestow strength to the weak, sight to the blind, wealth to the poor and bless childless couples with children.
  3. Maheshwari: Goddess Maheshwari is believed to be the Shakti of God Shiva. The blessing of Goddess Maheshwari leads to getting rid of anger and a sound mind.
  4. Indrani: Goddess Indrani is believed to be the queen of the gods in Hinduism. Goddess Indrani blesses her devotees to future foresight and freedom from ignorance.
  5. Kaumari: Goddess Kaumari is believed to be s the power of Kartikeya, the god of war. She blesses her devotees with the ability to overcome greed.
  6. Varahi: Goddess Varahi is the shakti of Varaha, the boar avatar of the god Vishnu. She blesses her devotees with strong material wealth blessings.
  7. Chamunda: Goddess Chamunda represents the supreme goddess of the universe. She blesses her devotees in all forms of wealth, happiness and prosperity.
  8. Mahalaxmi: Goddess Laxmi is the eternal companion of Lord Vishnu. She blesses her devotees with fame, knowledge, courage and strength, victory, good children, valour, gold, gems and other valuables, grains, happiness, intelligence, beauty, higher aim, higher thinking, morality, good health, and long life.