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Aarya Astanga Marga

Aarya Astanga Marga

There are 8 Astanga Marga which are as follows-

  1. Right view: It gives an understanding that suffering is the universal characteristic of human beings, which can be changed by bringing the correct view into our life. We are suffering because of our thoughts, ideas, label and perception which are incorrect and negative.
  2. Right intention: The Buddha explains right intention as threefold: the intention of renunciation, the intention of goodwill, the intention of harmlessness.
  3. Right speech: According to this, lying to someone, rude speech, telling others what others people say and using abusive speech is totally an impure act in Buddhism.
  4. Right action: It includes some activities which can bring peace in your life like no material desires, not killing others, no sexual misconduct, not taking other’s things without their permission and etc.
  5. Right livelihood: It is very important to have a right livelihood because it not only affects you, it also affects the people who are connected to you. Right livelihood gives us a proper understanding that we should engage in an occupation that not only earns but also creates happiness in ourselves and in other’s life.
  6. Right effort: Buddha says that Noble Eightfold Path, effort must be applied in our life. We should not sit back and wait for something to happen, we have to practice, we have to work on it.
  7. Right mindfulness: mindfulness means the presence of your mind or paying attention. Moreover, it says that pay attention to what is going on now. Thinking about the past, old memories, and planning future are not mindful.
  8. Right concentration: It is the different aspects of right mindfulness. Concentration is the power to focus only on one thing in any situation.