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33 Koti Devta

33 Koti Devta

Representing the 33 kinds of God, there are Shikhar-style symbols. In Veda, 33 Koti Devta means 33 kinds of gods who were divided into different groups according to their functions. Among them, Mahadev(Lord Shiva) is the superior one.

They are:

  1. 12 Aditya: The twelve months of a year called Adityaas, cause the lapse of the term of existence of each object or being. These 12 kinds of gods represent sun, power, and energy.
    Energy is a must for all creatures. Hence, they provide energy to the creatures to survive.
  2. 11 Rudra: 11 Rudra represents lord shiva characters. The ten Pranas (Praana, Apaana, Vyaana, Samaana, Udaana, Naag, Kurma, Krikal, Devadutta and Dhananjaya) i.e. which live in the human body. The eleventh is the human soul. These are called ‘Rudras’ because when they desert the body, it becomes dead and the relations of the deceased, consequently, begin to weep. Lord Shiva is also regarded as the god of destruction, who controls things to maintain balance.
  3. 8 Basu: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Moon, Sun, and Star. They are called Vasus, because they are the abode of all that lives, moves, or exists.
  4. 2 Ashvini: Ashivini has 2 members where one is Indra and another one is Prajapati. According to Vedas, Indra is the position that is regarded as the king of God. The Prajapati is also called the “Yajna” because it benefits mankind by the purification of air, water, rain, and vegetables and because it aids the development of various arts, and in it, the honor is accorded to the learned and the wise.