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Binod K. Chaudhary

Binod K. Chaudhary

The Chairman of CG Crop Global and founder of the Chaudhary Foundation

Shashwat Dham is the pride of Nawalpur, it is the pride of Chaudhary Family and it is the pride of this Nation. There was always an urge inside us to create a platform where one can experience inner peace through ancient knowledge and through Vedic rituals of Santan Dharma. And our vision was blessed by HH Sri Jayendra Saraswati Shankaracharya jee, two decades ago. During his visit to Nepal, he inspired us to build a temple not just as worshipping place but he showed us an urgency of karmakandi pundits who are well versed with vedic knowledge, practice and way of life prescribed for an ideal Brahmin. Thus, Shashwat Dham along with Gurkul that delivers true pundits who upholds and preserve the spiritual as well as religious values of the Sanatan Dharma began its journey almost 15 years ago. That was the inception of this heavenly Dham with Vaidik Karmakanda Gurukul with guidance of Shankaracharya Jee.

I am truly thankful to my Guru Dev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Jee who led me to have a deeper sense and appreciation for spirituality and values that Guru brings in one’s life. Guru Jee has truly inspired and motivated us by guiding us to uplift the mind and soul of humankind through his blessing during the construction, inauguration and after its establishment. Supports and Guidance of Gurudev had been well incorporated in a humble way. Shashwatdham is a reflection of our inspiration as well as learning from both these remarkable distinguished personalities of our times Shankaracharya Jee and Guru Dev.

With everyone’s supports and blessings we were able to officially inaugurate the temple on 7th of March 2016 by Honorable President of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar conducted an auspicious Pranpratishapan of the temple. Former King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shad Dev inaugurated the Sarbadharma Sabha which conducted a deeper conversation about the importance of Dharma in our life. Dharma Gurus, leaders, civil leaders, professionals from various part of the world and our beloved Nepalese brothers and sisters made the grand inaugural ceremony successful. I am humbly thankful to everyone who became part of such phenomenal beginning. In this span of time since the beginning some 2.3 million visitors has paid visit to the Dham. I am truly obliged to everyone who has visited and I heartily invite all of you to come visit and feel the serenity of Ekambareshwara, the Lord Shiva at Shashwatdham. In 2018, Dham was recognized as the best tourist destination place in the country by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation.

Recently, we have added Buddhist Chaitya along with Buddhist cultural museum where one can understand the path of attaining Buddhism and its philosophies. Also a sacred relic presented by Government of Srinlanka has been laid in the Chaitya which has astoundingly graced the prudential blessing to this platform. Addition of Buddhist temple and museum reflects the co-existence of Hinduism and Buddhism since ancient history in an unprecedented fashion in the kingdom of Nepal. It shows the communal harmony that people in Nepal are able to sustain and shows the path of peace to the world. Both these culture and religion has become our part of everyday life.

Many wonder – What does Shashwat Dham eventually stand for? My answer to them is that Shashwatdham is a living center for preservation of our ancient Sanatan Dharma’s principle elements that molds much of our heritage and spirituality of our culture and the country.

I wish to take this opportunity to place my deep gratitude on record to late HH Sri Jayendra Saraswati Ji, Shankaracharya Kanchee Math, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Jee and everyone else who contributed immensely to make Shashwat Dham as it stands today. My heart goes out to the team of Shashwat Dham and CG Family who are committed to make this a sacred pilgrimage. Element such as Ganga Arati, Basanta Festival celebration, Kabya Mahotsav, various Sathsangs and many other has made this a remarkable oasis. As Gurudev had said during an inauguration “There are lot of things in life which are not Shashwat but to find what is Shashwat (eternity), one should pay visit to Shashwat Dham”.

Our belief is that every religion is equal but one religion should not put other in a shadow. People with religious belief and spirituality helps other to walk in the path of humanity. And I am confident that Shashwat Dham in coming days will play a vital role in creating the coexistence. Whatever element is needed to make this place of coexistence, we are committed to add those divine element in future.